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Disathairne, 28/Sep/2013

Laphroaig Live video replay

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Sorry if you're not into whisky and in particular Laphroaig, but there will be another Laphroaig posting tonight after Enjoy Laphroaig Live tonight! on Thursday and the Friday Islay Picture #299 - Summer at Laphroaig on Friday. The simple reason is that the video replay of Thursday's Laphroaig event is now available on the internet:

YouTube: Laphroaig - The Whisky That Never Sleeps

I haven't actually watched it yet, but plan to do so this evening, with a wee dram or two Laphroaig and a venison burger with homemade rolls. And no Laphroaig post tomorrow, I promise. Well, except for may be one or two links to some in the Islay blogging roundup.

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