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Diardaoin, 14/Nov/2013

Two full Marathons on Islay in 2014?

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It looks like Islay's sport calendar could get rather busy next year. In addition to the well established Islay Half Marathon (not to forget the Islay Beach Rugby, the Ride of the Falling Rain, the Islay Triathlon, the Machrie Open Golf Championship and more) it looks like there might be not only one but two full marathons on Islay next year:

Today I came across the Lords of the Isles Challenge which is scheduled to take place on Islay in April 2014. It involves a combination of a golf tournament and a marathon distance run (or walk). Yes, really. It is also a fairly small event with only 12 golfers and 50 runners (of which 12 will be golfers, as they have to do both). From what I understand from the website the proceeds of the events will mainly be going towards the Islay High School students trip/expedition abroad in 2015 to do charitable work (in previous years they've been to Ethiopia, Madagascar, Borneo-Palau and other places). Check the website for more information.

But there's more…

While they are more interested in running than updating their website the Islay jogscotland crew around Jim Lutomski is planning an inaugural Islay Marathon Festival for the first weekend of May 2014. No further details available yet I'm aware of, but watch the website for updates.

So, if you're into running or are thinking about getting into running, while it will be hard in the dark winter months, now might be the time to start your preparations. I'll post updates about either event as and when I hear anything new.

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