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Dihaoine, 15/Nov/2013

Friday Islay Picture #304 - Barnacle Geese on the loch

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Now that's better. Had a relaxing evening so far, enjoying two pints of Fyne Ales (picked up a mini-cask of Jarl on my last journey south from Islay) with some ‘Slow Cooked Chilli’. Have now moved on to a wee (ahem…) dram of Bruichladdich PC11, very very very very nice. But now for something completely different (kind of), for this week's Friday Islay picture I've picked some Barnacle Geese on the waters of Loch Indaal:

Picture of Barnacle Geese swimming on a sea loch

This is a fairly unusual sight, seeing the geese on the water during the day. Usually you would see them feeding on grassland during the day and then they come in to roost over night, usually on the mudflats at low tide. When I asked some people who know way more about birds than me they said they thought it was because it was a full moon and they fed over night and were resting during the day.

Talking about resting, I think it's bedtime for me now. Good night and have a great weekend!

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