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Diluain, 18/Nov/2013

Want to help Philippa with her Islay Barnacle Geese project?

Islay Links in stencil

In yesterday's Islay blogging roundup I mentioned Philippa's blog about her Barnacle Geese project, Barnacle – fish or fowl? As her project is now going into a crucial phase with an Islay visit coming up this week I thought I give it another mention in a dedicated entry.

Picture of a huge number of Barnacle Geese on a nature reserve, both on the ground and in the air

In her blog entry Wanted! Philippa writes:

So if you live on Islay, please stop me and tell me what you think. I will bring flyers with my contact details on including this blog to which I welcome comments. My project relies on getting feedback from as many sections of the community as I can so that the artwork I create will try to be representative of a cross-section of opinions about the geese.

For more about the project and some further background you can read the ‘About’ section of her blog. Also take a look at the Barnacle Myth page. Then watch out for Philippa once she has arrived on Islay this week or leave your comments on her blog. I should think she will find a variety of opinions from different people.

PS: For my pictures of the geese try the Barnacle Geese tag on my Islay photoblog.

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