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Diciadain, 20/Nov/2013

Mixed Islay links again

Islay Links in stencil

Time to share a few web links again, links to various Islay related items I came across the last few weeks. Some for people thinking about needing a career change, building a house on Islay or just going wildlife watching on Islay, that kind of thing.

Most people will know the Spar shop in Bridgend, also known as Jimmys. After almost 40 years Jimmy Campbell is going to retire, meaning a successor is being looked for. Or as the press release titles, New tenants sought for Hebridean lifestyle opportunity on Islay. May be it is you?

If you are a technology teacher, are looking for a new position and can react quickly (closing date is Friday 22/Nov/2013…), then you might be interested in Teacher of Technology - CME01802 at Islay High School. It's a full time position, temporary until October 2015.

Should you be thinking about building a house on Islay and are looking for a suitable plot with some stunning views, then you might want to try this Plot above Kilnaughton Beach, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay. Probably some of the best views you can get on Islay.

Admittedly Islay is only one of the 52 listed, but then again it is the first listed in 52 Wildlife Weekends - A Year of British Wildlife-Watching Breaks. The description of the Islay weekend reads ‘Wild goose chases and whisky chasers — Islay, Argyll & Bute for barnacle goose, Greenland white-fronted goose, chough, otter, goose barnacle’ (via Natur Cymru — 52 Wildlife Weekends).

That's it for today, I hope you found something interesting. More whenever I've got a few links again.

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