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Diardaoin, 21/Nov/2013

Tartan Tales on Islay distillery tours

Islay on Video written in stencil

How about another video of some Canadians visiting Islay? While the previous one I blogged two weeks ago was by Canadian visitors from back in 2005 this one is much more recent. While I'm not sure when exactly it was filmed it was definitely late this year (the works at Kennacraig give that away). But now over to the video:

YouTube: WESSTT - Special Broseph Edition Part 1 - Islay Distilleries

You'll find this on the Tartan Tales YouTube channel (there's also a Tartan Tales blog, but not much on it), run by a Canadian couple which recently moved to Glasgow. The video is part of their "Wee Excursion on a Scottish Sunday with Tartan Tales" series, if I interpret the description correctly there is at least one other video from their Islay visit still to come. Of course I'll mention that as well once it comes out, but for now I hope you'll enjoy this one.

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