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Diardaoin, 28/Nov/2013

The Glems Whisky Society visits Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Yes, another Islay video today. I had planned to write about something different this evening, but I came across this nice video earlier and thought I share it straight away. It's by the Glems Whisky Society, I believe from Germany (the website doesn't give much away, but they speak German and there's a river Glems in southern Germany). But now for the video:

YouTube: GWS Islay 2013

Of course the focus is on whisky, but there are plenty other things as well, including an auction at the mart in Bridgend and a walk at Ardnave. Oh, and some rain. Generally their visit seems to be more about having fun (as the description states, ‘Funny people having good times’) than serious highbrow whisky tasting. Still, the odd dram or two are consumed…

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