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Diciadain, 11/Dec/2013

Badlads diving the wreck of the Otranto off Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Tonight one of the most fascinating Islay videos I can think of for quite some time, despite its sad history/background. Remember the Badlads I've mentioned twice before in Diving to the wreck of the Otranto off Islay and Badlads went diving on Islay again? Well, recently Pete from the Badlads got in touch as he had compiled a special video of diving the wreck of the Otranto. Without further ado, here it is:

Youtube: Islay Bloggers - Underwater with the Badlads

Of course as we know after all those years there's only a limited amount of recognisable things left, the relentless power of the sea taking its toll. Still, there are quite a few things to see, or as Pete describes, ‘Wreck of the Otranto, 6" Gun, plates, prop shafts, steering gear, Oh and Kelp.’ I've watched the video a couple of times now, but I still spot (or I think I have spotted) something every time.

I hope you'll find the video interesting as well. My huge thanks to Pete (and the whole Badlads crew) for making this available. Diving here requires a lot of skill and experience, meaning this video provides a glimpse of something most of us would never see otherwise.

Of course we should also always keep the sad history behind it in our minds, for some background try my HMS Otranto & HMS Tuscania page and on Ron's IslayInfo the The Loss of the Troopships Tuscania and Otranto by Lord George Robertson article.

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