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Dihaoine, 13/Dec/2013

Friday Islay Picture #308 - Nightfall at Saligo Bay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Uh oh, Friday the 13th. Should I be blogging tonight? Well, I got up this morning, went for my run, went to work, went shopping on the way home, arrived home safely, so far, so good. Think I'm going to risk posting a Friday Islay picture:

Picture of a bay with a beach and cliffs

That's of course Saligo Bay, looking north. I took this in October 2013, having just arrived on Islay in the afternoon. After a wonderful sunset the first stars started to appear as night fell. Not long after an Otter sauntered across the beach not too far away from me. Of course it was far too dark for a picture by then, but it was an amazing experience.

And with that, good night and have a great weekend!

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