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Disathairne, 14/Dec/2013

Reindeer 1 - Storm on Islay 0

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It almost didn't happen. As you might remember the Reindeer were going to come to Islay today and the ice rink would open in Bowmore for the weekend. Now the weather had other plans and tried to throw a spanner in the works, as this video of Port Charlotte pier by Bruichladdich shows:

As you might have guessed from the title this weather didn't stop the reindeer or the ice rink. Far from it. The Reindeer flew over regardless of the storm (OK, that's was a bit of literary freedom, they cheated the storm and came yesterday before today's ferries were cancelled). After a relaxing night at Gruinart today was the big day, despite the windy and grey weather the Reindeer parade took place in Bowmore:

Congratulations to Liz and Mary (and all their many helpers) for pulling this off, a great event which I'm sure a lot of the children on Islay (both small and large) won't forget for a long time. Well done!

The ice rink also took place (and will continue tomorrow), it was just moved indoors to Islay High School, where many enjoyed it. Meaning the final score was Islay Winter Weekend 2 - Storm on Islay 0.

PS: Others also report, the Dower House blogs Reindeer comes to Islay! while Ron has Pictures of Santa Claus Parade on Islay.

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