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Disathairne, 28/Dec/2013

Nice Islay storm video

Islay on Video written in stencil

OK, slowly back to full Islay blogging. Regular readers might have expected some more blogging over Christmas from me as I usually don't stop just because it's Christmas, but my wisdom teeth had different ideas. Now I have two wisdom teeth less and learned painfully not to wait with those kind of things for too long. Anyway, so far recovery is going to plan (fingers crossed it stays that way!) so I thought I'll try to return to more Islay blogging (I still updated the Islay Pictures photoblog daily, if that doesn't happen I'm in serious trouble). With that over to a nice video of the storm on Islay this week over Christmas:

YouTube: Islay Christmas Storms 2013

The view is from Port Charlotte over Loch Indaal with the waves rolling in and breaking over the rocks at the shore. A very good job by Alistair, holding the camera still in those conditions isn't easy. The video also nicely shows the huge amount of spray carried away by the wind, among other things one of the influences on the taste of the famous Islay whisky.

On that note I hope you can enjoy a nice wee dram of Islay single malt while watching the video, unfortunately I had to put my Christmas malts on hold for now. If my recovery goes very very well I might allow myself one on New Years Day. Lesson learned.

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