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Dimàirt, 04/Aug/2015

Interesting 1964 video about Laphroaig

Islay on Video written in stencil

Two weeks ago I mentioned some old Islay film footage from 40+ years ago. I've since learned this is part of 1,000,000 minutes of footage being made available on YouTube by Associated Press (AP) and British Movietone. Of course I had a look for more old Islay footage and found a few interesting films, including this one about Laphroaig and one of its managers:


The commentary on the video might be slightly confusing for some (I admit it threw me for a moment) as the only female Laphroaig manager they can think of is Bessie Williamson. Wishart Campbell was her husband and as it was handled back then she was known as Mrs Wishart Campbell. There's a little bit more information on the AP archive page about "A Woman of Spirit" if you're interested.

I hope you found it interesting, I've found at least one other interesting Islay related video which I'll post in a while. Hopefully there will be more old Islay films to find in this treasure trove!

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