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Diardaoin, 06/Aug/2015

Superyacht (and a ferry) in the Sound of Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Some of you might remember that in early July Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich visited Islay where among other things he dropped in at Laphroaig distillery. Of course he didn't arrive with a Calmac ferry like us mere mortals, he came with his own superyacht. After his visit the Eclipse travelled up the Sound of Islay, an event captured on video by Donald Strang:

YouTube: Eclipse sound of Islay

Quite scary to see how it dwarves the Jura ferry MV Eilean Dhiura. At the same time apart from the size I'm not overly impressed by this superyacht (Sorry, Roman). If I had the money I'd rather travel on something like the MY Fair Lady, which coincidentally was also spotted in the Sound of Islay recently.

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