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Dimàirt, 20/Oct/2015

Firewalking on Islay videos

Islay on Video written in stencil

Back in September I wrote about an upcoming Firewalking (and more) on Islay event. That event has happened very successfully by now and via Karen Sterling (@kazzylady) on Twitter I've recently come across two videos from it. I think this one is probably the best to start with:

YouTube: This is how to Firewalk!

Next we can look at it from a different angle:

YouTube: Firewalk on Islay 2015 - a different angle

A great event with a very enthusiastic crowd on what looks like a nice October evening (if memory serves me right the weather wasn't great earlier in the day, but I might be wrong there).

Karen said she'll be back, so I should think there will be other opportunities to firewalk on Islay…

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