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Diardaoin, 22/Oct/2015

Nice promo video for Islay Sea Adventures

Islay on Video written in stencil

Islay being an island there's obviously a lot of sea around it, something well worth discovering. The ferry crossing is only a part of (although as far as I'm concerned a very important part of any Islay visit), to really experience it you need to get closer. Either on foot or on a boat. Or both. While I haven't been on one of his tours yet (except a crossing to Texa a few years back) I've heard good things about Gus Newman's Islay Sea Adventures. Here's a nice promo video about it:

YouTube: See Islay like you've never seen it before!

I'm not sure if they offer tours in November (when I'm on Islay next), although I think I might prefer to wait until next year anyway keeping in mind the rather unreliable November weather. Either way, doing one of their tours is certainly high on my to do list.

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