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Dihaoine, 23/Oct/2015

Friday Islay Picture #375 - Lossit Bay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Two weeks from now I'll be back on Islay if everything goes to plan (no cancelled ferry because of wind or something). I doubt the beach will look anything like this keeping in mind the usually rather unreliable November weather. But then again, I might be positively surprised, just like last year when I had some amazing days in November. Anyway, this picture shows a view in Lossit Bay in June this year, on a beautiful sunny afternoon:

Picture of a bay with a sandy beach in front of grassy dunes

This was the view welcoming me as I approached the beach after having walked up from near the former wave power station at Claddach. Very rewarding after an interesting walk. As usual I had the beach almost for myself, just a young couple with their young daughter on the beach.

As usual I will post a larger version (larger as in twice as big) on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning. Until then, good night and have a great weekend!

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