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Diardaoin, 29/Oct/2015

Some Islay links at the end of October

Islay Links in stencil

Two more days and October 2015 has passed. The clocks already went back last weekend (well, in Europe at least, I think for our American friends it's this weekend?). Driving back home from work in the dark again for the next couple of months. With the dark nights I thought you might like something to read:

Luckily no Clarkson to be seen, but the Top Gear magazine has Driving Land Rover's 'Floating Ninety' Defender… on a Scottish loch, the loch in question being Islay's Loch Gorm.

The Daily Mail has Peats and beats on Islay: Experiencing 'the Queen of the Hebrides' with jazz and drams, following on from the Islay Jazz Festival.

Alex Thomson of Channel 4 TV writes Who owns Scotland? Not exactly feudal, but pretty weird with a large part of it focusing on Islay.

A lot of discussion around a geese cull on Islay, among other places mentioned on Surfbirds: Barnacle geese cull – WWT takes action.

Almost every news outlet reported this one: Pigs Unearth Hunter-Gatherer Civilization - Discovery News, Ice Age tools found on Islay thanks to herd of pigs - BBC News and Swine team: pigs help uncover ice age tools on Scottish island - The Guardian.

An Gleann Tablet makes it on to the list of 8 of Scotland's best sweet producers in the Scotsman.

Several people on Islay spotted this one as well: 'Mystery plane' over Scotland was RAF training flight - BBC News

Finally something not directly Islay related (it doesn't mention Islay at all), but when I read it I had to think of all the distilleries and their visitor centres. Looks to me like they were well ahead of the Harvard Business Review: The Brand Benefits of Places Like the Guinness Storehouse.

That's all for today, I hope you found some of them interesting.

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