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Dihaoine, 30/Oct/2015

Friday Islay Picture #376 - Sunset from the air

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

One week to go until the Islay Sessions 2015 now. Which in turn means that it's time for a last Friday Islay picture before I leave. Over the last two I've posted two pictures taken from my DJI Phantom 3 on the Islay Pictures photoblog, namely Sunset over the wreck in Machir Bay and Kilchoman and the dunes in the evening light, so I decided to finish the series with a third one:

Picture of a sunset over a bay seen from the air

A nice June sunset in Machir Bay, seen from high above the dunes at Kilchoman. The Sun is about to set behind Coull Point.

As usual I will post a larger version of the picture on the photoblog some time Saturday morning. Until then, good night and have a great weekend!

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