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Diluain, 14/Dec/2015

The perils of a timelapse in Saligo Bay, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

The sea can sometimes spring unwelcome surprises. I've been caught out myself when an unexpected far bigger than expected wave came in and I got rather wet. I remember saving another photographers bag by suggesting not leaving it on a rock, 2 minutes later a large wave washed over the rock. Dougal shares a video how he was caught out filming a timelapse:

YouTube: A time-lapse of me doing a time-lapse (until it goes wrong!)

Looks like he managed to save everything, but it certainly was close. The timelapse he was filming doesn't seem to be online, may be because he abandoned it. So instead another very nice timelapse of the night sky over Islay filmed from Coillabus:

YouTube: The stars from Coillabus

I hope you enjoyed the videos (and will remember to be careful next time you take pictures in Saligo Bay…)

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