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How To Pronounce Islay Malts

Quite a few people are struggling to pronounce the names of the Islay single malt whiskies. The same applies to a lot of the place names on Islay. No surprise really, considering that most of them are of Gaelic origin. I've learned how to pronounce quite a few of them over the years, but still have to learn a lot. For those wanting to pronounce their whiskies correctly here's some help, but it is with a twist:

The Aftonbladet from Sweden writes about whisky making on Islay and includes a list how to pronounce the Islay single malts, only it is in Swedish:

Ardbägg (Ardbeg)
Bowmår (Bowmore)
Broickladdie (Bruichladdich)
Boonahavin (Bunnahabhain)
Kool-iila (Caol Isla)
Lagavoolin (Lagavulin)
Lafrojg (Laphroaig)

I speak a little (tiny little, to be precise) bit of Swedish, so this even makes sense to me. Oh, and there's one missing on the list: Kilchoman Distillery. I don't know how a Swede would write this, but essentially the c is silent and it is pronounced kilhoman.



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