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Walking On Islay T-Shirt

Picture of a white t-shirt with a 'Walking on Islay' design on the front

This seems to be a walking on Islay related blogging week. On Thursday I wrote about the new Islay Community Access Group Website, this morning I posted the Islay Walking Week 2007 Updates and now I'm going to present you my new ‘Walking on Islay T-Shirt’:

Adding to my portfolio at Armin's Little Islay Shop I've created a t-shirt for Islay walkers. There are two versions of it, a cheaper comfort cotton version and a more expensive function shirt. The t-shirt can only be ordered in white, but has a nice print on the front as you can see above. Here is a larger view of the design:

Picture of the design for the 'Walking on Islay' t-shirt

I've tried to create a bit of an Islay feel with the design: The title is using a stencil font you might find on whisky casks, the blue reflecting the blue sky in the pictures. The text below mentions some features of walking on Islay, the brown trying to match the ground in the pictures and reminding a bit of the peat. It reads:

Walking on Islay

Walk on the beach? Walk up an island marilyn?
Walk on a raised beach? Walk along a cliff?
Enjoy an after walk Single Malt Whisky? You
can: On the Isle of Islay, Scotland!

I hope you like the design and might even order it. As mentioned you can order it online at Armin's Little Islay Shop.



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