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Wave Power and Renewable Energy on Islay

Picture of the LIMPET wave power station in the evening sun

With all the discussion about global warming, CO2 reduction and other environmental energy issues, renewable energy and in particular wave power are generating a lot of interest. I've noticed the LIMPET wave power station on Islay popping up in a number of blogs over the last few weeks and months. Just today Ron picks it up, as does the Green Options blog. Thing is, this is not really new. I've written about the Islay wave power station and green energy on Islay back in 2004:

As a lot of the old links are still valid and interesting I'm going to repost them here and add a few more about the topic of wave power and other renewable energy sources. First the ones already mentioned in the old entries:

Then some further pages I've collected over the last couple of months:

And finally after all those good news at least a mention of the issues, I quote what I wrote in my travelogue entry about an evening walk at Portnahaven with a visit to the wave power station:

The Wavegen Wave Turbine is a quite interesting project: Waves flow into larges tubes and by doing that push out the air from these tubes. This in turn powers wind turbines which generate the electricity. In theory a very good idea, although in practice not without problems. The air being pushed through the turbines can create a lot of noise, quite disturbing for anyone living near the station. We also heard that the power grid on Islay isn't good enough to transport the electricity generated by station to other parts of Islay apart from Portnahaven.

I'm sure further entries about Islay and renewable energy will follow over the coming months and years...



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