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A Green Distillery For Islay

Picture of a 'green' distillery

No sooner had I posted the entry about Wave Power and Renewable Energy on Islay yesterday than the next link for renewable energy on Islay appeared in my newsreader. In my post about the reopening of Port Charlotte Distillery I had already mentioned plans to make it a ‘green’ distillery. Now there were some further details about plans to achieve this goal:

The first indicator was a report in The Herald Minister unveils 80 new green energy schemes. It mentions biomass projects and that a scheme to create a carbon-free distillery on Islay would receive grants.

But there's much more detail in the Daily Record: Green Whisky Better By Half. The project will receive £400,000 from a Scottish Executive scheme to promote biomass energy:

Bruichladdich bosses on Islay hope to use biomass, hydro-electric and woodchips to meet their energy needs.

Adding to this the already mentioned efforts by Bowmore Distillery to heat the neighbouring swimming pool with waste heat there will be at least two effort of this type on Islay. I wonder if there are other things the distilleries can do?



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