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Just completed: Rhinns of Islay Panorama

That was a busy Sunday: First the exciting news of Islay declaring Independence, then some hard work to make progress with my Scotland Summer 2006 travelogue and the stay on Islay. But it was worth it, I've just completed a Rhinns of Islay Panorama. A 360° Quicktime VR Panorama of the Rinns of Islay with great views. The tiny preview I have space for here doesn't do it justice at all:

Picture of a 360o panoramic view

You can see a lot of places in the full size panorama, just to name a few: Machir Bay, Kilchiaran Bay, Lossit Bay, Portnahaven and Port Wemyss, Orsay with the Rinns of Islay Lighthouse, The Oa and Beinn Tart a'Mhill. If you've got sharp eyes (and a good monitor) you should even be able to make out the Paps of Jura.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the panorama and enjoy the view! Hopefully more soon.



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