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Thank You For A Great Islay Walking Week 2007!

Picture of a group of walkers listening to a walk leader speaking

Last night Keith Findlay took us on a walk through Bridgend Woods, telling us about the history of the place and making sure we worked up an appetite for the soup and sandwiches. The walk finished at the Bridgend Hotel with a meal and some drinks afterwards, a very nice evening and finish to the Islay Walking Week 2007. Now it's time to say good bye for now and quite a few thank you:

At the risk of forgetting someone I'm still going to give it a go, many many thanks to: Ian Brooke who brought it all together, all the walk leaders, the land owners for their cooperation (is that the right wording, Lindy?), the hotels and restaurants where we had our meals, Islay Community Access Group, Islay & Jura marketing group, the various estates allowing their gamekeepers to guide us on a number of walks, Sornbank for the excellent stay (and setting up the WiFi internet access allowing me to blog from here), all the local people for their hospitality and joining us in the walks, all the walkers for the nice chats during the walks, the RSPB for their walks and time, the weather gods for all the sunshine we had, all the helpers with their contributions and anyone I might have not mentioned yet.

The walks were excellent again, very informative and giving a lot of new perspectives on Islay. There were 360 walks completed over the week by an estimated 70-80 different people. As a quick reference these are the walks I participated in:

They only give a fairly short overview of the walks, I'm going to write a much more detailed travelogue about the week and the walks. Hopefully from the end of April you should be able to find the first updates at the Islay Walking Week 2007 travelogue. Bookmark it and occasionally return for updates. I'll also post news about progress on this blog.

See you again next year?



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