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Tuesday, 03/Jul/2007

Islay From The Air Revisited

Picture of a view over a peninsula and a long beach from a plane

When I wrote about Islay, Jura, Colonsay and Gigha from the Air back in May I didn't have any pictures I could show. I still don't have any I took myself, but at least I now have a few I can show you here. I still haven't flown to or from Islay and therefore haven't had any opportunity to take any pictures of Islay from the air myself. But then I have someone quite close who did it for me:

My mother. She and my father flew to and from Islay for our recent holiday. On the outbound flight she didn't take any pictures, but when they left I reminded her and she took some great pictures. When I find the time I'll create a large page with them on my Isle of Islay pages, for now try the Islay From The Air on 25/Jun/2007 page in my Specials pages. Hope you enjoy them, I think they're quite good considering they were taken with a fairly cheap camera from a passenger plane.

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