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Wednesday, 08/Aug/2007

Swiss Ardbeg and Islay Enthusiast

Yesterday I blogged about Laphroaig, today we travel a short distance up the road on Islay as well as more than a 1,000 miles to Switzerland. The reason is Tom Fischer. A few years ago he had his first taste of Islay Single Malt whisky, an Ardbeg 17 to be precise. He wasn't impressed, to put it mildly. Quite a lot has happened since then:

First of all Tom wasn't put off completely by his first impression, on the contrary, he now loves his Islay Single Malt. And of those in particular, you guessed it, Ardbeg. But that's not all. If it was I wouldn't really be able to write this entry.

Tom has also started a website under the title Ardbeg-Whisky - Raritäten sammeln und tauschen, Whiskyforum. Apologies to those of my readers who don't speak German, most of the site is in German. You should still be able to find your way around though and look at the pictures. On the site Tom mainly shows his Islay Single Malt Whisky collection (in particular Ardbeg, but also others), there's also a collection of pictures from his visit to Islay in May 2006.

And there's more: More recently, in June to be precise, Tom started the ardblog. His blog (written in German) about Ardbeg, Single-Malt-Whisky, Islay und Alltagsgeschichten. Pay him a visit, leave a comment or just look at the pictures.

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