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Wednesday, 07/Nov/2007

Diving in the Waters Around Islay

Diving is a sport a lot of people probably associate with clear blue waters, bright sunshine, warm waters and people gliding around coral reefs, exotic fish swimming around them. Apart from the sunshine something you won't really get on Islay. Nevertheless there are people diving in the waters around Islay, as this video of a dive near Port Ellen from a few months ago shows:


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be as much diving around Islay as there used to be, as Richard Booth writes in Dive Magazine this month:

Today, Islay is seldom dived, but back in the 80s it underwent a mini boom, with two dive centres operating on the island. The Port Charlotte hotel still bears testimony to this period, with an impressive display of portholes and other brass wreck mementos donated by visiting dive guests. Other than visiting these waters by chartering your own liveaboard, the only other way to dive Islay is by way of an organised, self-sufficient expedition, complete with dive boats and air compressors.

Richard and his team dived to a number of wrecks and other locations during their visit:

Seems to me like there is quite a lot to see diving around Islay, provided you've got the right equipment and experience.

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