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Diardaoin, 14/Jan/2010

Islay, Pinewood Studios, Hollywood?

Islay on Video written in stencil

Earlier this week I posted a reminder to vote for Islay High's FilmG entry, having introduced it last year (in the unlikely event you haven't voted yet, please vote for An Tùr (The Tower) here). But there's more to filmmaking on Islay: I think Andy Wallis, who teaches Media Studies at Islay High School, will be very pleased with some of the work his students are completing in their spare time. You might not want to watch it just before going to bed though…

Reality of Nightmares from Alice Hathaway on Vimeo.

Considering this was (according to Alice) ‘Made mainly because we had nothing else to do’ I'm quite impressed. I'm no film expert by any means, but it certainly works for me, transports an idea, an image very well, without any words, just through images. I don't know if Andy (and other experts) agree, but to me that's a real skill.

I hope Alice and her friends don't have anything else to do again soon…

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