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Dimàirt, 04/May/2010

Cool Islay Windsurfing Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Rumour has it summer is just around the corner. Something many people do during the summer is surfing, windsurfing to be precise (I know you can do it at any time with the right clothing, but I suspect it's more fun in the summer). I've posted a few windsurfing on Islay videos before, November Windsurfing on Islay Video and Islay Windsurfing Video Take 2 come to mind. Not to forget Islay Windsurfing Video Take 3. Now here's another video of windsurfing on Islay, this time in Machir Bay on a brilliant sunny day:


The surfer is the same as the one in the ‘Take 2’ above, but there are a few changes: The weather and location have changed, from grey and cloudy in Laggan Bay to sunny and bright in Machir Bay. The camera moved from the helmet to the footstrap.

A rather unusual perspective, but I very much enjoyed watching it in this view. I hope you will (or have already) as well.

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