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Diciadain, 10/Aug/2011

Islay on the British Birdfair

Islay Events written in stencil

Today (or in just over a weeks time, depends on how you look at it) I'm going to take you away from Islay, to Rutland, more than 450 miles from Islay. The reason is the upcoming British Birdwatching Fair (Birdfair) in Rutland from Friday 19/Aug to Sunday 21/Aug/2011. As many people will know Islay is well known for birdwatching (Barnacle Geese, Choughs, Golden Eagles, Corncrakes, Hen Harriers, just to name a few of the most popular birds on Islay), this year Islay will have a stand on the fair:

Picture of an Islay poster for a bird fair

Under the motto ‘Geese a break’ (a play on ‘Geesa break’, which can be translated as ‘Give us a holiday’) six people from Islay will travel to Rutland to promote Islay as a place to visit. They include members of the Islay and Jura Marketing Group, the Islay Natural History Trust and the RSPB on Islay (with some generous help by Calmac and all the Islay distilleries).

They will of course talk about the birdwatching and wildlife on Islay, but also other activities like the walking week (which often includes a bit of birdwatching by default). And for those who would like a wee taste of Islay there will also be the odd wee dram of Islay single malt whisky, I'm told. Ian, Carl, George, Megan, Michal and Andy hope to see you there!

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