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Disathairne, 07/Apr/2012

New Comment System on

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Over the last few weeks I noticed the comment system I was using (Haloscan/JS-Kit/Echo) behaving more and more erratic. Twitter mentions weren't pulled through correctly and more. A few days ago I received an email with the explanation: Due to a ‘shift in our product strategy we're going to abandon our loyal small customers in favour of the big corporates’, well, something along those lines. The system will be switched off on 01/Oct and because of the way I'm running this blog I'll lose all the old comments (exporting and importing elsewhere isn't really an option). Time to move on:

I've decided to give a chance, partially because of Jeremy Hicks excellent reaction on Twitter and despite CEO Jordan Kretchmer drinking the wrong whiskey. At least for this blog, for hopefully obvious reasons. With the new system some things will change, although hopefully not too much:

For the time being the comments will only be available at the indivual entry, as Jeremy told me at moment it isn't possible to have multiple widgets on one page (i.e. the main page). This functionality is however definitely on their roadmap, so might come back. Instead I'll just have a link to the comment form for the entry on the main page.

To comment you will still be able to log in as a guest, but can also log in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google and a few other accounts. You can also create a LiveFyre account if you wish to track your comments and more. Social media integration in particular from Twitter and Facebook should be much better, as many of you have an account on at least one of them that should be a benefit.

Fingers crossed it will all work out well. Happy commenting!

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