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Disathairne, 16/Mar/2013

Saturday Morning Islay Picture #276 - Machir Bay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Yes, I'm still alive (as those also following the Islay Pictures photoblog will have noticed). Sorry it's been rather quiet here this week. A 60 hour week in the day job didn't leave me much of a private life, so unfortunately blogging had to suffer. I'm hoping to see some improvement and therefore more blogging again next week. No promises though. Anyway, as I was too tired last night for a Friday Islay picture I've decided to catch up this morning with a Saturday morning picture:

Picture of a sunny morning in a bay with a sandy beach

That's of course Machir Bay, taken on a bright November morning in 2012. I admit the lens is rather dirty, but in a way I like the effect the salt on the lens creates. The footsteps in the sand are mine.

That's all for now, I've got a few other things to catch up on. I'll probably post a larger version of the picture on the photoblog tonight. Probably also another update here. We'll see. Have a great weekend!

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