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Disathairne, 16/Mar/2013

Snorkelling on Islay Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Think I have recovered enough for another blog post today after a very mixed weather day in West Berkshire. Some beautiful sunshine, but also some torrential rain. I think I even heard some thunder this evening. But for tonight's video I'm taking you to a sunny Islay:

Bowmore Snorkelling from Ross Beesley on Vimeo.

Not that you get to see an awful lot of a sunny Islay itself. But instead Ross shows us some of the underwater world in Loch Indaal, if I spotted it correctly in the brief moment he emerges on the eastern side of Bowmore.

I hope you've enjoyed the video, I certainly have. Loved the crab at about 1:15 minutes, going into defence mode as he passes. Well done, Ross!

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